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Mainstage: Fall 2024

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Full Day Summer Camp, Newark

6/10 - 6/14

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Full Day Summer Camp, Hayward

6/17- 6/28


Half Day Improvisation Camp, Newark 7/29- 8/2

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  Welcome to our Theater Factory

The "Theater Factory" is a unique production ensemble, specially designed for children and teenagers. The raw material being the individual talents of the young minds, tapped by our experts through various theater games, exercises, improvisations and specialized workshops.The outcome is a distinct improvement in conversational, leadership and social skills, body language and overall personality development of the child. The improvement graph can be seen in classroom productions conducted for parents and then the grand finale staged for a wider audience.


         Theater Training Module


This module covers all aspects of theater training with a focus on acting. Various drama techniques ranging from classical and folk to contemporary are utilized to incorporate acting skills in an individual. Furthermore, through various theater games and exercises the individual is able to build team spirit and execute his or her skills in front of a large audience.


          Leadership development Module


For this module, Theater is used as a medium to instill conversation skills, chisel body language and thereby transform personalities. Team-work is enhanced through improvisational techniques with special emphasis in leadership development.



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