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About Our Team

Music Director

Vocal Teacher


Stage Manager






&Set Designer

Ish Amitoj Kaur Is the founder of The Theater Factory and Fiery Blossom Creations. Ish is a theater and film professional with over eighteen years of experience working with children of all ages.

Ish has impacted lives of thousands of children by conducting intensive theater workshops with them. Her unique program encompasses theater games,exercises and improvisational techniques moulded according to each individual needs.

Children who have graduated from her classes have themselves become role models for others in their lives. They have either become professional actors or directors or have applied theatrical skills to their professional or personal lives.

Simple things like body language , body posture and basic social skills can transform someone's personality. Team-work gives an individual a sense of belonging and security and prepares the child to face the world. Though for Ish the process is more important that the end product but she tries to culminate each of her workshops into an original professional production.The audience feedback coupled with the parent's reactions makes the event an unforgettable part of the child's life.

Equipped with a masters degree in Theater and a fellowship from National School of Drama, Delhi, Ish uses a Brechtian approach in her teachings. Though she has evolved her own methodology but her works are reminiscent of Epic theater and alienation effect.

Barry Bailey has been performing on stage around the Bay Area Since 1972. He mixes his acting, singing and playing musical instruments while keeping a focus on the audience's perspective. His current projects with The Theater Factory began with a desire to work with children and with this new opportunity great satisfaction has been achieved.

Barry has performed as a singer in a wedding band for many years and enjoys singing with different choirs as a way of keeping his voice active and fresh. He currently also leads a vocal quartet which he formed to tour around the Bay Area giving concerts at senior residences.

Erika Latour 

Erika Latour is an experienced professional teacher and choreographer with over 30 years of dance experience. She has served the Bay Area for over 25 years as a successful dance instructor with such organizations as the East Bay Center of Performing Arts in Richmond, Academy of Arts in Castro Valley, Cal State universities, and various school districts. 

She teaches a variety of ethnic folk styles as well as Jazz, contemporary, hip hop, ballroom, and tap. Though she has performed many dance forms, ballet Folklórico is the style which she toured nationally and was her primary focus of study. 

She has over 12 years of experience as a choreographer in musical theatre. She has taught students and volunteers from ages 6 - 75.  She has choreographed and performed in musicals such as The little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, Willy Wonka Jr, Frozen Jr, Suessical, Children of Eden, Godspell, Singin in the rain, etc.


 Anshoo Tikoo is an established artist who has been designing costumes and sets for The Theater Factory.  











Isabella La Bove




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