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 We have come up with a unique program for you. You can attend our creative writing classes and we will guide you through to streamline your creativity into a book. We will then get your book published. So your dream of becoming a first time author is not far.We offer a platform where you will never be scared of dreaming because here at Fiery Blossom Creations we make dreams come true.Have you heard of Award winning picture books like Where The Wild Things Are, The Giving Tree and The Hungry Caterpillar? Your book could be the next one on the shelf. Picture books are illustrated and we have a professional illustrator who would help you visualize and then transform your thoughts into sketches, drawings or if this doesn't interest you then simple crafty cutaways.

Story telling has become a key to success in today's age. Right from a simple communication with a friend to a professional interview or a simple letter to a resume, all that matters is how you tell your story. We at Fiery Blossom Creations will help You so you can communicate your stories to the world.

Ish Amitoj Kaur has told a variety of stories through her plays and films but her storytelling took a beautiful turn when she published her first book Milly Lilly And Xavier Fillingfields Ish took classes in Children's Literature at Stanford University and these creative writing classes gave birth to her debut book. Ish went on to conduct workshops in libraries where she got an overwhelming response. She is taking her workshops to the next level by giving this creative platform to children of all ages. 

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